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The whole point of the yichud room is to provide seclusion of sufficient duration so that the marriage could technically be consummated. Traditionally we don't do so, but you certainly could. And kissing is certainly not a problem. Interesting side note - some traditions invert the order of the yichud room so that instead of taking place after the chuppah, ...


Nit'e Gavriel, Nisuin 1, chapter 37, is about the yichud room and he mentions no prohibition on kissing that I see.


Menachos 36b says that one should constantly be touching his Tefilin, in order not to forget that he is wearing it. אמר רבה בר רב הונא חייב אדם למשמש בתפילין בכל שעה קל וחומר מציץ ומה ציץ שאין בו אלא אזכרה אחת אמרה תורה והיה על מצחו תמיד שלא תסיח דעתו ממנו תפילין שיש בהן אזכרות הרבה על אחת כמה וכמה This is codified in Orach Chaim 28:1.


Taamei Haminhagim - page 548 / קע"ז & page 549 says that since when we say Poseach Es Yadecha we are supposed to have in mind the Roshei Teivos פא"י and the Sofei Teivos חת"ך which are the Shaimos of Parnasa. Therfore we put our hands on the Tefilin at this point to show that we are only requesting Parnasa in order to be able to do Mitzvos.


A practice appeared which was to touch the Tzitzis when saying והיה לכם לציצית וראיתם אותו. This is mentioned in the Tur Orach Chaim at the end of siman 61. Previously, in siman 24, he mentioned a Bal Haitur that explained the practice of people to gather together the strings and put them on their eyes, and rationalized, perhaps they do this because of ...

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