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found this in the Rambam sefer hamitzvot (#3) Our Sages also said that this mitzvah (to love God) includes calling out to all mankind to serve G‑d (exalted be He) and to believe in Him. This is because when you love a person, for example, you praise him and call out to others to draw close to him. So too, if you truly love G‑d — through your ...


Judaism historically has been never a proselytizing religion. However, it is not forbidden according to many opinions to teach Torah to the Gentiles (although this is a major dispute among the Halachic Authorities, see here for more). The Netziv (Meshiv Davar, Yoreh Deah 77) says it is a mitzvah to teach the gentiles Torah Shebichtav, the written law. He ...

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