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If we look at 1 Sam 30:16, we see that the Amalekim, having taken the spoils of war, feast and drink and party like there's no tomorrow. In chapter 14, we see the soldiers of Israel also acting in an unbecoming way with the spoils of war. There, Shaul pronounced a curse on any soldier who eats anything during the battle. Of course, being soldiers, they get ...


While this may be more על דרך דרוש or מוסר, one of the answers I have heard is that he saw ברוח קדשו the great קידוש השם that would occur during the time of פורים and he knew if he wiped them out that would not be. The lesson of that is that we don't have the right to make such חשבונות and when we have a מצוה like that to do it doesn't matter what will be.

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