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Update: It appears that the quoted site mistranslates the term "mamzer" as "bastard" which is totally incorrect. English does not have a term that directly translates the legal term "mamzer" as, while a mamzer is a "bastard", a "bastard" may not be a "mamzer". As a result, the entire analysis is untrue. When I looked at some other articles on that site, it ...


It's a form of a game called "jacks" or "knucklebones". See this. When I was young, I palyed with the round "spiky" jacks. One day, I visited my frum friends and they asked me if I wanted to play "kugelach". I said, "sounds delicious, especially if your mother made them!" I was serious; they burst out laughing, and brought out this bag of 5 golden cubes. I ...

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