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The Minhag is mentioned in sources as early as the Teshuvas HaGeonim (Harkavy no. 65) and the Zohar, quoted by the Rama in Even Ha'Ezer 27:1. It is indeed a Minhag, and is quoted as such in many places (such as here, the Nitei Gavriel) The Rogotchover (Rambam Ishus 3:1) gives the custom a creative halakhic basis: today, when Kiddushin and Nisuin are ...


Rama, Even Haezer 28:17, in my own loose translation: A guest sitting in someone's home who takes his portion of food and weds with it — she is wed. However, Bes Sh'muel there cites Bach and Taz as saying that marriage is effected only misafek (possibly).


No. The Rambam writes (Ishus 10:6[7]): וחכמים הם שתיקנו כתובה לאישה, כדי שלא תהיה קלה בעיניו להוציאה The sages are the ones who established a Kesuba for a wife, in order that he should not regard it as easy to divorce her. He also doesn't list the requirement of Kesuba in Sefer HaMitzvos as the Mitzvah of Kiddushin. As to why he terms it that ...


It appears that the wedding ring worn on the right hand is originally a European custom. The custom at the chupah is to put the ring of the kallah's right pointing finger not the "ring finger". The "ring finger" on the right and left hand is a custom picked up from the nonJewish inhabitants of a local area. How the Ring Is Given Despite the fact that ...

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