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According to Rambam the requirement of saying kiddush and havdalah over wine is a Rabbinic addition to the Torah commandment to sanctify the Sabbath by saying kiddush at it's beginning and havdalah at it's end. הלכות שבת כט,ו מדברי סופרים לקדש על היין, ולהבדיל על היין. It is a Rabbinic requirement to make Kidush on wine and to make Havdalah ...


It's a noun. (As far as I know, zecher is always a noun.) Many a noun has a tzere, such as סֵפֶר and חֵלֶק. See Gesenius, 84aa and 93.


A person who eats on Yom Kipour does not make kiddush and have two challah rolls, plus meat and fish just as any other yom tov. The reason being that they should be eating as little as possible - just enough to keep alive & healthy. However, they do say יַעֲלֶה וְיָבֹא if they ate enough bread - as well as רְצֵה if it's also Shabbat. Enough bread: 27 ...

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