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The Rama rules that one can only recite Kiddush Levana "at night when the moon is shining and we benefit from its light" (OC 426:1).


Excerpt from Be'urei Hatefila citing Maharsh"a on Sanhedrin 42a: The word: “crown” as used in this prayer is a reference to the lost monarchy of King David. We pray for it to return. That is why we include a line that refers to the monarchy of King David as being inviolate, as we explained earlier. The word: glory in this context represents the ...


The Be'er Hetev that you quote says that if Saturday night is before the third of the month, Kiddush Levana should be pushed off to the next Saturday night because it will still be before the 11th of the month (and we don't usually push off Kiddush Levana to Saturday night if it will be after the 11th of the month for fear of a few days of clouds). But he ...


One consideration raised by R. M. Kasher is whether one s obligated in commandments on the moon or in outer space at all given the Torah expression “all the days which you are alive on this earth” (Deut. 12:1) in the context of mitzvos. Apparently he concluded that one is obligated see here (which cites this from JD Bleich, “Contemporary Halachic Problems”, ...

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