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Harav Shneur Zalman Farkash, a Mashpia in the Chabad Yeshiva Gedola of Buenos Aires, wrote in Haoros.com there was no Halachic reason to stop the boat. The main reason was in order to say Kiddush Levana with Yishuv Hadaas.


It wouldn't surprise me. Nefesh HaRav quotes some Orthodox rabbis who were disturbed by the phrase as it implies it's impossible to touch the moon; some wanted to simply change the phrase from "I cannot touch you" to "I am not touching you" (i.e. at this very moment). Rabbi Soloveichik felt that was the understanding of the original phrase: "just as I dance ...


The Beiur Halacha (OC 456 sv Ella) writes that it certainly permitted to recite it alone, though ideally it should be done with others because of the principle of Berov Am Hadrat Melech. He quotes two opinions if a group of 3 or 10 counts for that.


There is a machlokes amongst the Achronim regarding if the Bracha of Kiddush Levanah is #1 made to celebrate the "renewal of the world i.e the new moon - this is the loshon of the Mishne Berurah) OR #2 because we derive benefit (i.e. we can see) from the moons light. The practical difference between these two reasons is a blind person. If the reason is to ...

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