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Harav Shneur Zalman Farkash, a Mashpia in the Chabad Yeshiva Gedola of Buenos Aires, wrote in Haoros.com there was no Halachic reason to stop the boat. The main reason was in order to say Kiddush Levana with Yishuv Hadaas.


It wouldn't surprise me. Nefesh HaRav quotes some Orthodox rabbis who were disturbed by the phrase as it implies it's impossible to touch the moon; some wanted to simply change the phrase from "I cannot touch you" to "I am not touching you" (i.e. at this very moment). Rabbi Soloveichik felt that was the understanding of the original phrase: "just as I dance ...


It's not so clear whether the function of kiddush levanah is meant to be a praise for the existence of the moon, or more similar to a birkas hanehenin (like the brachos on food), that we can't benefit from anything without first making a beracha, including moonlight. Regarding whether or not one has to see the moon: as the Biur Halakha points out, that if ...


Since the first question was answered already I will address the second one only. The Avnei Yashfei 3:50:3 writes that if one says kiddush levana alone there is no inyan to search out for someone to say shalom aleichem since he said the passuk Tipal aleiheim and no one heard him(see @simchas Torah answer -Mattaeh Moshe reason).He adds by saying if one said ...

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