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According to Rabbi Chayim Kanievski (She'elat Rav), one can say "shalom aleichem" to a kattan. This discussion is about the general chiyuv of a kattan in Kiddush Levanah.


Excerpt from Be'urei Hatefila citing Maharsh"a on Sanhedrin 42a: The word: “crown” as used in this prayer is a reference to the lost monarchy of King David. We pray for it to return. That is why we include a line that refers to the monarchy of King David as being inviolate, as we explained earlier. The word: glory in this context represents the ...


Noda B'Yehuda 41 - page 44 - column starting with Vnashiv says that they should make Kiddush Levana first for two reasons. One is tadir. The other is that the Megila can always be done later, however Kiddush Levana there is a risk of it getting cloudy.


In addition to the answer by @ezzi386 the completion of that request is that the sun is to be restored to the "light of creation". Thus, one meaning could be the moon becomes as bright as the sun is now and the sun would be increased to the original light of creation which was "ganuz"(hidden) for olam haba. Alternatively, this means that the moon would have ...


Assuming a non-literal understanding of this Midrash, I believe this end section of Kiddush Levana is making a reference to a slightly longer version of that Midrash which ends by stating that in the times of Mashiach, the moon will be restored to its full luminance. That being the case, I think this end section of Kiddush Levana can simply be read as a way ...

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