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It has been used 11 times so far since the enactment of the fixed calendar in 4119. It was used in 4179, 4257, 4504, 4602, 4849, 5096, 5194, 5441, 5519, 5688, and 5766. The next time it will be used is 6013 if we still have a fixed calendar then. You can read about this exceedingly rare Dechiya and its history here.


The Rambam here is giving an easy way to calculate the moment of conjunction for future months. A (lunar synodic) month, as you stated, is 29 days 12 hours and 793/1080 hours. Since 28 days is exactly 4 weeks (bringing us back to the same point in the week), the next conjunction will occur 1 day 12 hours and 793/1080 hours later in the week relative to the ...


Rabbi Yonosan Eibseshitz address this question in Yaaros Dvash (Chelek 2 Drush 4). As far as I can understand, the simple explanation why a mistaken sanctification by Beis Din was not binding in this case is because (as the Gemora in Rosh Hashana 20a explains) this is not applicable in a case of "מיחזי כשיקרא"; if it appears incorrect to the masses Beis Din ...


The רמב"ם in הלכות קידוש החודש פרק ו says in הלכה ח: והמולד הראשון שממנו תתחיל, הוא מולד שהיה בשנה ראשונה של יצירה, והוא היה בליל שני חמש שעות בלילה ומאתיים וארבעה חלקים, סימן להם ב' ה' ר"ד; וממנו היא התחלת החשבון. So Molad Tohu was on Sunday night, 2 Tishrie year 0001, 5 hours and 204 parts after sunset, i.e. 23:11 PM and 33⅓ seconds, according ...

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