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See Kitzur Shulchan ARuch 78:4. When I read this paragraph, he lists other places in the Torah where we should read certain verses quietly. (BTW, he does not mention "quickly" anywhwere, so I'm uncertain when / how speed became a factor.) Excerpting the parts relevant to your question: וגם הקללות שבפרשת בחקתי ופרשת כי תבא קורין בקול נמוך ואת הפסוק ...


In Bechukotai, from the beginning of the Parasha of ואם לא תשמעו לי at 26:14 until 26:43, despite the fact that 26:42 is not a curse. In Ki Tavo, from 28:15 until the end of the Parasha at 28:68.

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