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Check out for the use of Father: Isaiah 63:16 and 64:7. 1 Chronicles 29:10 Deuteronomy 32: 6 Psalms 68:6 Malachi 1:6 for a start. And now Jeremiah 3:19.


God is often called Jews' "father" in Jewish texts, most famously in liturgy. (We ask that he have mercy on us as a father has on his children.) Occasionally, we're called his sons, too. This is all, of course, metaphorical: God has not physically sired anyone, being nonphysical himself.


A mamzer is the result of a relationship prohibited to the point of spiritual excision (Mishna, Yevamos 4:13). There is no prohibition of any severity for relations with one's self. Every act of normal relations that is prohibited has a verse and explanation of what relationship between those two people forbids their relations. Homosexual relations, which ...

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