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Check out for the use of Father: Isaiah 63:16 and 64:7. 1 Chronicles 29:10 Deuteronomy 32: 6 Psalms 68:6 Malachi 1:6 for a start. And now Jeremiah 3:19.


God is often called Jews' "father" in Jewish texts, most famously in liturgy. (We ask that he have mercy on us as a father has on his children.) Occasionally, we're called his sons, too. This is all, of course, metaphorical: God has not physically sired anyone, being nonphysical himself.


A mamzer is the result of a relationship prohibited to the point of spiritual excision (Mishna, Yevamos 4:13). There is no prohibition of any severity for relations with one's self. Every act of normal relations that is prohibited has a verse and explanation of what relationship between those two people forbids their relations. Homosexual relations, which ...


This is true on the de'oraisa level, i.e., on the level of Torah law. But mi-derabbanan, they are not allowed to marry each other so that it does not look like "they came from a place of greater holiness to a place of lesser holiness." In other words, since they were not allowed to marry when they were non-Jews, they can't marry as Jews either. Source: ...

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