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Berachos 43b: איזהו דבר שהנשמה נהנית ממנו ואין הגוף נהנה ממנו, הוי אומר זה הריח What is a thing that the soul benefits from and the body does not? That is the sense of smell


The Ran in his derashos, as well as the Kuzari, both explain the intent of the third blessing as follows: In the first two blessings, we focus on how Hashem is involved in this world, and in our lives, and does kindness towards us. We describe the middos of Hashem in how He relates to this world. One may incorrectly associate this with being descriptive of ...


According to Beurei Hatefilah (see last page of article, esp.) the main focus of the bracha הקל הקדוש is the concept of קבלת עול מלכות שמים (acceptance of the yoke of G-d's kingdom). While this has already been done during the recital of Shema, the article explains that there are 2 type of קבלות. The one in Shema is regarding the past, and the one in ...


The Amidah is divided up into 3 main sections. The first section, consisting of the first three berachot is called shevach (praise). The middle 13 berachot are called bakasha (request). The final 3 berachot are called hoda'ah (thanks). The beracha of ata kadosh is part of the shevach section (not the bakasha section), so if your definition of the word ...

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