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The author is probably referring to certain areas adjacent to Eretz Yisrael, and possibly to Suria (some part of modern day Syria) that share some of the "laws of the land", however they have a lesser level of kedushah and not all stringencies were applied to them. These are mentioned throughout the Mishna in Seder Zeraim. Within Eretz Yisrael proper, there ...


The Malbim explains that Kadosh means separate and above any aspect of materialism or the lowliness of physicality. Accordingly, Hashem being Kadosh would mean that he is completely separate from physicality.


In Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's Handbook of Jewish thought part one, he explains this kedusha as meaning completely different and separate than any part of creation. This includes his not being corporeal and not existing within the constraints of time and space. EDIT: Here's the exact quote with his sources from chapter two, titled 'God'. Notice the ideas ...

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