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Regarding יישר כוח, i will be basing information off of the Hebrew Wikipedia article on the phrase. What is the origin of these expressions? יישר כוח comes from a line in Shabbos 87a: שנאמר (שמות לד, א) אשר שברת ואמר ר"ל יישר כחך ששיברת חזק וברוך (some also say חזק ואמץ) seems to be based on the Gemara in Brachos 32b that says that four people ...


If we are talking about talking during davening, you can't. As to talking business in schul not during davening, it would tend to be forbidden. However, the Ben ish chai writes that if one is a sefarim seller, he may do business in the schul as the schul is the natural gathering place of people who study torah. A shatnez checker is in a similar situation.

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