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Llamas are members of the Camelidae family, and as such do not have split hooves, only two large toenails, as well as a soft padding behind them. An essential element in an animal being kosher is having split hooves, and hence are not kosher. As members of the camelid family there are presumably included in the verse under the general category of camels, all ...


Yeast is not Chametz. Chametz is defined as the five grains rising. Yeast, on the other hand, is made from potato: In general, yeasts are grown in the laboratory on solid growth media or in liquid broths. Common media used for the cultivation of yeasts include potato dextrose agar or potato dextrose broth, Wallerstein Laboratories nutrient agar, yeast ...


Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba made a ruling "in principle" saying that modern stainless steel cookware does not absorb flavor at a halachiclly significant level. Apparently two Avrachim from the Torat HaChaim yeshiva tested the amount of absorption of stainless steel and found it to be one part in 170,000 of the volume of the fluid cooked in the pot. In ...


The CRC says: Coolata (Dunkin Donuts): Not all are certified kosher. Only recommended when purchased from a kosher certified location. I would read that as saying it depends on the flavor, primarily.


Some useful rules of thumb: If if moves, it's a bug. If it has legs,it's a bug. If it is asymmetrical, it's probably not a bug. My guess is that it's just sugar. In the future, you can keep the dates in the freezer if you're worried about them getting buggy. -Rebbetzin HaQoton


According to the Kof-K's bug checking guide if webbing or seedy substance is seen, worms may be present. What you are describing does not sound like webbing or seedy substance so I would say it is not a problem.


Besides the answer from @Jewels we have the answer from impure animals: present, future, past which actually mentions the llama specifically. The comment is Interesting explanation from a comment here: Gamal, Shafan, Arnevet are written in the Torah in the three tenses (past, present, future) and so refer to Bactrian camels (past, where Avraham came ...


There are a number of ways in which hidur is applied to esrog (and acc to the Magein Avraham other mitzvos like seffer torah and shofar as well), all of them enumerated in Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim siman 656 and the Mishna Berurah there. The gemara says to add on a third for hidur mitzvah. This is explained either as meaning a third of it's size or a ...


Mehudar (מהודר) can be translated as 'pretty', but is generally used to mean 'above and beyond' what is strictly required. For example, a kosher etrog can be ugly, but there is no problem with using it. A mehudar etrog is a nice one, and generally more expensive also. It's a 'hidur mitzvah' (beautification of the mitzvah) to use a nicer set. Consider also ...

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