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The details of this kind of question are discussed in the Shach Y.D. 119 s.q. 20. The upshot is that no, it is not OK. Only if someone were microwaving food for a group and a person happens to partake, would there be a reason to be lenient (there are still other factors involved, but that is where the heter starts - you can't just use it yourself because ...


If it is because of keeping it as a chumra (as do many in the United States) then one can even use the milchik utensils and pots used for Chalav Stam as long as they are clean. This is from the psak of a rav with Yoreh Yoreh semicha who keeps Chalav Yisroel and Bais Yosef shechitah as a chumra but eats in my house with no problem (I do not keep either).


According to the OU's website, if you double wrap food for use in a microwave, it can even be cooked in a microwave oven which has cooked non-kosher food. OU Kashrut on Microwaves

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