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Per Rabbi Yehuda Spitz on based on a letter written by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Aurbach to the Chazon Ish regarding teeth & dentures any food that remains in the mouth becomes repulsive and Pagum. He goes on to say that it is best not to eat any Chometz 24 hours prior and to drink a hot cup of water prior to Pesach, and that a proper oral cleaning is ...


The lubovitcher rebbe discussed this and made a chiddush that tevilah is only required where the non jew had access to the utensils. He also suggested that because of today's manufacturing processes this may not be fufilled and possibly today's utensils do not require tevillah hence some chabad do not make a brachah because of a safek brachah. Likutei ...


Qiẓur Shulḥan 'Arukh - Yalqut Yosef (Yoreh De'ah 120:24) states (my translation): כלים של חמץ שנכללו בשטר המכירה של מכירת החמץ, ראוי להחמיר הטבילם בלי ברכה For Ḥameẓ utensils included in one's Sale of Ḥameẓ contract, it is proper to be stringent and to immerse them [once they return to one's possession] without a blessing.


As with many questions of this type, the answer is "it is a machlokes" You would have to consult your specific Rav. The OU actually goes into some details on this. What’s the Truth about . . . the Sale of Chametz on Pesach? The utensils themselves present more of a challenge. The question of what to do with chametzdik, non-kasherable dishes is ...

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