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I heard from Rav Ben Haim that when ten study it is said. Additionally the Chacham is to say the Kaddish.


According to this article: The Kaddish recited after Keriat Hatarah does not especially "belong" to the Ba'al Keriah. Anyone who is a hiyuv (one who is obligated to say Kaddish that day), may insist on reciting this Kaddish, as well. In fact, in many shuls that I have attended, a chiyuv - someone who observes yahrtzeit or is in his 1st 11 months of ...


The baal koreh or gabbai says it as it is to separate parts of the davening rather than for a yasom. The Kaddish Prayer Chatzi Kaddish - the Half Kaddish or Reader's Kaddish During the morning service (Shacharit) Chatzi Kaddish is recited by the prayer leader (usually the rabbi or cantor) after the P'Sukei D'Zimra section of the service, after ...

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