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Qitzur Shulhhan Arukh - Yalqut Yosef, Siman 56:11 writes (my translation): מנהג האשכנזים כדעת הרמ''א, לעמוד בשעה שעונים קדיש וברכו, וספרדי שמתפלל עם אשכנזים, נכון שיעמוד גם הוא עמהם בעת אמירת קדיש וברכו, כדי שלא יהיה בכלל יושב בין העומדים. The Ashkenazi custom, per the ReM"A, is to stand when responding to Qaddish and Barekhu. And, as for a ...


While the Nishmas Yisrael (pg 469) believes that there is no issue, quoting the Maharshag (Teshuvah 2:40), he himself notes that if so one should be able to say kaddish without a quorum of ten. This seems to me to be an opinion that is very much in the minority, even though he himself seems to only think that R. Chaim Abulafia disagrees. Really though, the ...

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