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If one's parents give permission for one to do so, then one may. For example, I was asked by my mother to say kaddish for an aunt who died without any children. However, if the parents object, then it is a matter of Kibud Av Ve'Aim (honoring one's parents) because they could regard it as expressing a wish that for them to die. As seen in the sources, it is a ...


Rabbi Shmuel Yitzchak Gelbard says this is mentioned some earlier Siddurim such as פראג רע"ט ורע"ו;הנאו שע"ו ועוד. He says it is unclear who established this Minhag, however Sidur R' Shabsi in the Hakdama mentions based on the Tur 56 which mentions that we say V'Ata Yigdal Na since it is similar to Yisgadal therefore we say a Pasuk that is similar to what ...

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