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Kovetz Bais Aharon V'Yisrael 66 - page 97 says the source for standing at Lecha Dodi is the Tikunei Shabbos which mentions that one should stand Lekovod Shabbos Kodesh while saying the Lecha Dodi. It is also mentioned in Kitzur H'shla. They go on to mention that the Sar Shalom M'Belz said that when Rabbi Shlomo Alkabatz composed the Lecha Dodi he requested ...


The meaning (translation, if you think in a language other than Hebrew) of the words.


While saying this paragraph [Ana Bechoach], one should look at - or envisage - the Sheimos (Divine Names) formed by the acronyms of its words, but one should not pronounce them. http://www.sichosinenglish.org/books/sefer-haminhagim/28.htm#t206


Shabbat starts no later than sunset (Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayim 293:2). Sunset is a subjective phenomenon describing the apparent descent of the Sun below the horizon. It happens because the Earth is round and rotates about its own axis much more quickly than it revolves around the Sun, so observers on its surface observe, once per rotation, their part of ...


It's because the world is Round! After I posted this correct anwer, the OP decided to change his question


Minhag Beit El and the various Yeshivot HaMekubalim which have grown out from them over the past 300+ years do not sing Lecha Dodi. The Minhag is recorded in the book Divrei Shalom, by Rav Raphael Sharabi(grandson of the Rashash) in the Minhagei Beit El section #37. There he gives two reasons 1)The Ari did not explicitly tell his students to sing it, 2) ...


The 42 words represent the 42 letters of the Ve'Ahavta (paragraph from Shema Deuteronomy 6:5-9). The 42 words can be divided up into seven lines of six words each, and each letter from the six words can be combined into the end of each of the six to make a seventh "word" for each line making the title 49, and these 49 represent each day of Sefirat ha-Omer, ...


By Nushach Ashkenaz the congregants say the stanza prior to the Chazan and thus should turn around when they complete saying Boi B'Shalom before the Chazzan says it. By Nusach Sefard the congregants say the stanza after the Chazan and thus should turn around when they complete saying Boi B'Shalom, which is after the Chazzan already turned back around.


The Arizal says that these letters correspond to the Shem Mem Bet (see Sidur Kawanat HaLev for the Peshat of the words). Of course, one should always concentrate on the Peshat of the words and then the Sod (Ben Ish Hai in Sefer Tikun Tefila).


Orach Chaim 651:10 says that one should circle to the right when shaking the Lulav. That is the Minhag Ashkenaz. Your question remains according to the Minhag Arizal.


In the Machzor Polin MiKol HaShanah,it says that the first 6 tehillim of Kabollas Shabbos are kneged a different day of the working week, therefore they should be said sitting. Lecha Dodi is kneged Shabbos therefore it says to stand l'kovod Shabbos.


The Piskei Tshuvos siman 102:2 explains that tehilliem and other prayers which are not part of the order of the tefillah the heter does not apply.Kappolos Shabbas I believe is considered part of the seder hatiffilah nowadays al pi savarah. He brings listening to chazaras hasatz and krias HaTorah count and tehillim which is said everyday. See it inside for ...

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