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Rabbi Yisroel Chait tackles this question and others quite effectively in his article on Torah From Sinai. Article can be found here.


This question is handled by the Rambam in the first few lines of the Yad. As I understand it, basically we do believe there's a hierarchy - which is described as layers of angels - with the higher ones having more powers than the lower ones. The very Highest Power - who is actually the source of everything - is the Being we treat as The God. The first 2 ...


R. Shlomo Kluger in his explanation of the Haggadah here says that even if Yisrael had not been commanded the Torah they would have known it by themselves, just like the patriarchs knew the whole Torah. As the Alshich explains, when Yisrael came to Mount Sinai the spiritual impurity that was in them from the sin of Adam HaRishon went away, and therefore they ...


Generally speaking, we believe in things that we have positive evidence for, and we do not accept skeptical questions which do not have any positive basis to them. For example, we spend our lives growing up with our parents, being cared for by them, being told that we look like them etc. etc. This all amounts to positive evidence that our parents are indeed ...


(as doubleaa pointed out in a comment) He said He is the only God. It does not make sense that a higher force would send a liar... and that liar would command us to be truthful in His torah etc. naaahhh

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