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When I learned Yehoshua the explanations were based on the continuation that Avraham had Yitzchak and Yishmael, and Yitzchak had Yaakov and Eisav. That is this was a process of continuous refining until Yaakov had the twelve sons that were all worthy of becoming Am Hashem. Terach was the start of the process as shown by the fact that the Torah uses "Toldos ...


Malbim explains (and M'tzudas David alludes) that Terach and Nachor served idols, so that Avraham was surrounded on all sides, so to speak, by idolators: both his father and his brother. The sequel, describing his leaving that environment, is all the greater then. I suppose that either Haran didn't worship idols or, with one of Avraham's brothers mentioned, ...


Well, keep in mind that because the Israelites couldn't keep their mouths shut (always complaining) the whole nation had to wander in the desert for 40 years until that older generation died off. Joshua has a chance now to take possession of the Promised Land and he didn't want anyone to ruin it by speaking unbelief or complaining about their strategy.

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