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There are many different opinions as to when to place the book of Job. The opinion that Elihu is Yitzhak is different from the opinion that he was an advisor to Pharaoh.


Basically, in unusual instances of seeming grammatical mismatches in the Bible, a linguistic phenomenon called “attraction” has likely occurred. This phenomenon occurs in many languages, including English. An example in English of linguistic “attraction” – a technical grammatical mismatch – is: “Turn left at the street where there is a carwash and a fast ...


It seems that the Chabad translation is a mistake. The verse in Job literally says "my makers". Similarly, the verse in Kohelet says "your (singular) creators". However, we do find that God is referred to using the plural, and we understand it as the singular. For example, most instances of אלהים in Tanakh refer to God, and they take a singular verb (eg. ...

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