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here's one reason from Rabeinu Bachye in Chovos Halevavos gate 4. If one asks: Behold we see some tzadikim (very righteous people) which do not receive their livelihood except after hard and strenuous toil, while many transgressors are at ease, living a good, pleasant life? We will say: The prophets and the chasidim already investigated this ...


The translation of Pleiades and Orion is an ancient tradition. The Septuagint, a Jewish translation from the third century BCE, translates Job 38:31 as: Συνῆκας δὲ δεσμὸν Πλειάδος καὶ φραγμὸν ᾿Ωρίωνος ἤνοιξας; Their significance, beyond their astronomical prominence, is unknown to me.


Orion Since Kesil means foolish or stupid, the astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli (1835-1910) in the book Astronomy In The Old Testament, Kessinger Publishing, 2007, p. 60-1 suggest that "...the Jews saw in the constellation Kesil the form of a man chained for his folly or his impiety. Out of the most brilliant constellations in the sky there is one,...

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