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The Shulchan Aruch was written by Rabbi Yosef Karo in the mid-sixteenth century. That is the reference to #1 ("stam" means plain, without any additional qualifications. Since then, others have appropriated the name or made names that have allusions to it, when writing books which have a similar purpose - to structure and organize Jewish Law into a relatively ...


The ArtScroll "Stone Edition" Pentateuch has spaces in it to record family members' yahrzeits. I've no doubt this is in order that purchasers might implement the custom you mention.


I have a set of Mishnah Brurah from my great grandfather (I use his picture in my signature) with the Chofetz Chaim's notation "mugah" (checked) written in it. The problem with heirloom seforim is that, if they are used to learn from, they will get tattered from being used so much, no matter how careful one is. If they are in fine condition, that could mean ...


All types of religious articles are commonly passed onto descendants - candle sticks, tallitot, tefillin, etc. Books are probably the most important items to pass on. My father left me his siddur and my grandfather left me his set of Ramba"m's Mishneh Torah. (I don't recall the publisher, but it's a pretty well-known set. Has a tan front with black siding. ...

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