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Halakha First of all, the question of authorship doesn't necessarily affect the Zohar's importance in halakha; I'm not sure why you think that this it would "obviously affect the way of poskining". The question of how Kabbalah affects Halacha is not a simple one, and does not really depend on the Zohar's authorship, because even if it were written by a ...


If this is the right one, try Divrei Chizuk where she says, For more information, or to obtain one/or more of the booklets for yourself or for another , please call Margie Shabat at 773-478-8325 or e-mail me at: momchicago@aol.com


There is also the matter of accepting the conclusions of academic scholarship when they conflict with standard Jewish tradition. It is not just the authorship of the Zohar (and the Bahir, and the Sefer Yetzira, etc.) which have been called into question, even books in Tanach such as Yeshayahu HaNavi have, by academics, been proposed to have multiple authors ...

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