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שערי תשובה by Rabbeinu Yonah is available on hebrewbooks.org You can download the sefer there as a PDF for offline viewing as well


The text is also available via Torat Emet - you can find an HTML version of the text here.


I just found the following here: (I can't vouch for it's accuracy since I did not read the intro myself.) IT is the object of this work “to afford a guide for the perplexed,” i.e. “to thinkers whose studies have brought them into collision with religion” p. 9), “who have studied philosophy and have acquired sound knowledge, and who, while firm in ...


I heard Rav Moshe Wolfson in a recording about the mitzvah of Emunah say that Mesillas Yesharim is for the yesharim and Moreh Nevochim is for the Nevochim. However, a friend of mine pointed out to me that the Rambam has something very interesting in Moreh Nevochim. In the third section, he presents his understanding of Maaseh Merkava. He prefaces it by ...


Shakai is one of the names that requires placement in shemos. To quote an article by the KOF-K (second page there): Those names are: שם הויה, אדנות, א-ל, א-לוה, אל-והים, ש-די, צבאות. a9 9 Refer to Mesechtas Shavuos 35a-35b, Tur Y.D. 276, Shulchan Aruch 276:9, Bais Yosef. Some say אהיה אשר אהיה (Shulchan Aruch ibid). The Gemara that they quoted ...

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