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The Beit Yosef there is referring to חלק י״ח, section 18, of Rabbeinu Yerocham's discussion of the laws of Shabbat in his Sefer Toledot Adam veChavah, Adam, Netiv 12. Thus, בחי״ח stands for בחלק י״ח.


Manuscripts are generally useful because they are an early witness to some text and are (sometimes) relatively free of corruption or mistakes. A good example of this would be the Aleppo codex, which is now housed in Jerusalem. This text represents the best extant text of Tanakh. Other early masoretic texts describe early textual traditions of Tanakh. Many ...


I put together what I believe is a comprehensive list here of the types of arguments you can raise. see the sections "Truth of Monotheism" and "Evidence of the Soul" if you know others let me know. though keep in mind that God built the world around free will so it is impossible to completely corner an atheist. also note that it is a complete waste of ...

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