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Sefer Chasidim 923 says that if 2 Seforim fell on the ground, one should pick up both Seforim prior to kissing the first one. Aruch Hashulchan Yore Deah 282:11 also mentions kissing a Sefer that fell on the floor.


Rabbi Ribiat's "39 Melochos" that you mention is lucid, comprehensive, and well-sourced, yet is also broken down into very digestible bites, which is why it has become so popular in the English-speaking world. (We've often used it as a basis for table discussions.) He begins sections with more general basic background pieces before he gets into more detailed ...


http://kiddushhachodesh.com/ has many videos decently done.


My personal favorite to share at the Shabbos table is The Shabbos Kitchen by Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen and his entire Shabbos Halacha series. Each chapter generally begins with a overview of the principles involved followed by a sampling of practical applications. Each part is followed by a summary. I have used it at the Shabbos table and my family ...


For years, my family used the English edition of Shmiras Shabbos K'Hilchasa. My father would read, and all members of the family listened. I haven't looked back on it recently, but I don't think it was very complicated or hard to understand; on the contrary, I think us kids usually understood what my father was reading. We even had an interesting "hashgacha ...


Halichos of Shabbos from Rabbi Shimon D. Eider is a good choice. It has the added benefit of including many word of mouth halachos heard directly from HaRav Moshe Feinstein.


Rabbi Hirsch wrote a pamphlet as an answer against one that was written by a Reformer. It is called Religion Allied With Progress, found in the collected writings volume 6 starting on page 107. This excerpt begins on page 112. I have bold typed the main point I'm bringing at the end. The rabbinical authorities ousted the proclamation of articles of faith ...

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