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They are all available here: Bereishis Shemos Vayikra Bemidbar Devarim


Rabbi J. David Bleich has articles on the topic in his series Contemporary Halachic Problems (e.g. volumes 3 [Preemptive War In Jewish Law, pp. 251-292.] and 4). Also, Rav Nachum Rabinovitch has a popular halacha work for Israeli soldiers called "Melumdei Milchama". See also: Michael J. Broyde Fighting the War and the Peace: Battlefield Ethics, Peace ...


Try this link - goes to a page called כל ספרי חיים ולדר לרכישה אונליין - seems to be his home page of Hebrew books for sale online. (Hat tip: 2nd link on Google)


No, it is not available for free online. However, it is available in entirety on otzar hachochmah (which allows free preview of the first 40 pages of each volume).


See the first section of Rav Zevin's לאור ההלכה which consists of articles about the halachot of war. See also ערכים במבחן מלחמה: מוסר ומלחמה בראי היהדות, which is about Jewish war ethics. There has been an ongoing debate on the subject of civilian casualties in war from a halachic perspective: in addition to some of the articles cited by @loewian, see also ...

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