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As Noach has pointed out, Tom. stands for Latin "tomus", volume, thus you have volume one of a mahzor, or holiday prayer book. The Schlesingers were a well-known Austro-Hungarian family whose printing firm specialized in printing prayerbooks (see here and here). If you can post a scan of the title page we will be able to tell you more about it and what it ...


There is definitely a tradition of Jewish commentary from that era, though Jewish practice was intent on keeping such traditions oral until about the 3rd Century of the Common Era (CE). Genesis Rabbah (reference by Yishai) may or may not fit the bill for your purposes, although it does contain traditions that likely originate centuries before it was ...


I think what you are looking for is Genesis Rabbah, which seems to be around the same time (perhaps a century earlier - I'm uncertain as I'm not familiar with the Hexameron, and only know what a quick look at Wikipedia told me). There are various English translations available online and in book stores.


In order to give a Hashgacha for an item, you need to be able to determine if it is indeed Kosher or not Kosher. There must be clearly defined rules. For food, these clear rules exist in Halacha. However, for media and literature, there are no such rules - it's all a matter of opinion. In other words, it's not Halacha, it's Hashkafa. Some would say that ...

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