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As Mark Twain (supposedly) said, history may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme. Lo and behold, there was Islamic extremism 800 years ago, when Rabbi Moses Maimonides was alive -- and he left a paper trail. If you were to open up the Yad HaChazaka (his code of law), it would appear that if there is a time when there is a concerted effort to wipe out ...


The rambam wrote responsa concerning this. See igeres hashmad where he clearly says choose islam not death, as apposed to Christianity which is complete heresy, where one must give up their life for kiddush Hashem.


The Rambam, in his Igeret Taiman (Epsitle to Yemen) addresses the quote. I realize this doesn't quite answer the question completely, but he does reject Islam as part of the blessing. (Translation is from http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Epistle_to_Yemen/VIII) The phrase "a great nation" cited above does not connote a people in possession of prophecy or a ...


The Rashi referenced in my answer there says in part: אלו ערביים השוכנים באהלים במדברות ורועים מקנה כל ימיהם These are the arabs that dwell in tents in the desert and pasture flocks all their lives. So Rashi explicitly conflates the two. Then again, arabs in Rashi's terminology might more mean desert dwellers rather than the modern definition of ...

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