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Of the old Hashkafah.com regulars who have moved to another forum in the past few years, it seems to me that the majority have moved to iShtetl. A post by H.com user "ijs" confirmed my hunch that many users had left within the last few years. A post by H.com user "33948" inspired me to investigate the hypothesis that most moved to iShtetl. My investigation ...


If you search the Sefer title 'מסכת סופרים' on Hebrewbooks.org you will have more results, here is a link to one of them. http://beta.hebrewbooks.org/20355


http://www.kodeshbook.co.il has very large variety of seforim, only new, for great price. What I like is that they can get you all Artscroll books in Israel for the Artscroll site prices but without the extra sales tax that is added on for purchases in Israel. Service is great considering that it is an Israeli based company, and they really do try to make ...

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