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Yes. It is possible to view digital copies of some of the scrolls on this website, which is maintained by the Israel Antiquities Authority. I don't know if they have all the scrolls yet, but I believe that they intend to have all of them up there, eventually.


First the problem begin with the hosting company, if there are jews like in israel server farm, they work in shabbos and u arnt allowed to injoy from that, plus u r assistng them with there avera, "mesiia ledvar avera", after that told u can use not jewish farm server but u must acknowledge that the work wont be specific for u, couse goy doesnt allow to do ...


If you work with WordPress, you have a plugin for this.


Incidentally blocking ads would only be prohibited if installing intentionally ad-blocking software is prohibited. However, based on this answer, that is not the case, and ad-blocking software is permitted. I myself asked this question to Rabbi Hershel Schechter some time ago, and he too thought it was permissible. Thus, incidentally blocking ads would be ...


YUTorah.org has (as of right now) over 3800 audio shiurim on Hilchos Shabbos, here. I would personally recommend Rabbi Elchanan Adler, Rabbi Jeremy Wieder, and Rabbi Herschel Schachter's shiurim, for clear, interesting, and relevant content.


Rabbi Nissan Kaplan has a good set of shiurim he also goes through most of chelek 3 in the mishna berura here


Try Wikisource - he.wikisource.org - צוואת רבי יהודה החסיד. Can't vouch for its completeness, but it seems to be there. Hat tip: Google.

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