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Rabbi Eliezer Krohn's shiurim on TorahAnytime.com cover the full gamut of practical Halacha. He has over 200 of them. It's a lot of Hilchos Shabbos, but also includes Brachos, Bein Adam L'chaveiro, Tefillah, Kashrut - really a pretty thorough list of practical Halacha topics. They are mostly given to groups of women, so they are very practical but don't ...


This is an active area of academic research. If you go to this website from UCL and search for "Talmud" you will find a list of books and articles on the subject, which form a reading list for a course. Of course, you won't expect these sources to agree with each other in all matters.


go to this site, they have tons of resources: https://GuardYourEyes.com/


Leviticus is available on hebrewbooks.org. (The listed date there, שנה/‎1595, is a mistake.)

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