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They are all available here: Bereishis Shemos Vayikra Bemidbar Devarim


The prohibition of erasing divine names is derived from the juxtaposition of "...we'avadtem eth shemam..." ("and destroy their names...") and "Lo ta'asun kein la'hashem..." ("Do not do likewise to the L-rd..."). In general, it’s forbidden to erase even one letter of any of the 7 divine names : שם הויה, אדנות, א-ל, א-לוה, אל-הים, ש-די, צב-אות (the ...


If this warning of yours is meant to stop or prevent any loss on behalf on the possible future renters, then it is permitted to tell them Lashon Harah about your past landlord (See the Beer Mayim Chaim, Rechilus, Klal 9). See also The Rambam in Sefer Hamitzvos 297. The Chofetz Chaim also brings proofs based on the Rashbam (Bava Basra 39b), Tosafot (Sanhedrin ...


No, it is not available for free online. However, it is available in entirety on otzar hachochmah (which allows free preview of the first 40 pages of each volume).


You can read it online for free from Scribd. You need a paid subscription to download it, but they let you preview it online without an account. It appears to be the whole thing, all 874 pages.

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