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The THE FEDERATION OF SYNAGOGUES in the UK offers the service described at http://www.federationofsynagogues.com/askthefederation/ It says: Ask the Federation is a service of the Federation Beis Din to the wider kehilla. Ask your shailos in one of two ways... 1. ShailaText - send an SMS to 07860 017 641 for a personal response within four ...


Unfortunately, the text as he wrote it has been lost. The text available today has been very heavily edited to agree with local custom. This is evidenced by manuscripts which differ drastically from each other and rulings of his which run contra to the modern text. The earliest siddur we have is the one of saadia gaon, however, we don't have a complete book, ...


Seder Rav Amram Gaon can be found on Hebrewbooks.org for free in two pdfs: here and here.

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