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The simplest explanation for this concept is "Like a blind man (finding) in a trap door (in an attic)" To expand on that: much like a blind man cannot find his way out of a room without help*, and if he did it by himself it was just pure luck, so too are these שחיטות that came out good -- you can't use these to prove that someone who doesn't know הלכות ...


I'm not sure if this answers the question, but while the messenger may not realize that he's being מזכה לחבירו שלא בפניו, he is certainly aware that he's a messenger. Tosfos there (Gitin 11 ד"ה התופס לבעל חוב, and see also Tosfos to Kesuvos 11a) actually write that זכין works in a manner exactly like שליחות - so one could easily imagine that דעת שליחות is ...

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