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R. Avraham Ben HaRambam cites the verse "do not touch my anointed and do not harm my prophets" (Psalms 105:15) in the context of negative assessments of members of these categories. This would certainly include the Avos, (the prophecy of the Imahos on the other hand is not explicit in the Torah, so this "prohibition" isn't as clear.)


The most famous case of a Rishon pointing out the human flaw of a patriarch is the Ramban's discussion of Avraham's descent to Egypt in Lech Licha 12:10. Rabbi Hirsch goes to great lengths to expound on that opinion. The Medrash Rabba in the beginning of parshas Shemos has a list of our heroes who ruined their children by showing them too much love. Avraham ...

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