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Professor James A. Diamond of the University of Waterloo provides several academic sources in his paper on how Lavan tricked Yaakov (his answer is basically veil + inebriation). These sources in turn claim that veiling the bride was a common practice in that place at that time, none cite the works of Chazal or the Rishonim in support for this contention.


Actually Rivka did send Devora to call Yaakov, however she died on the way. Rashi Braishis 35:8 in the name of Rabbi Moshe Hadarshan "מה עניין דבורה בבית יעקב? אלא לפי שאמרה רבקה ליעקב (כ"ז, מה) 'ושלחתי ולקחתיך משם' – שלחה דבורה אצלו לפדן ארם לצאת משם, ומתה בדרך". See also Medrash Agada.


As pointed out (in name of Ramban), they were not necessarily idols, so didn't have to be destroyed. This still leaves the question of why would she need them in her possession. Some sources(eg. 1) note that she might have been waiting for a better chance to get rid of them (throw into the dead sea), since burying them was not a good option (it might cause ...

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