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The Ramban (B'reishis 30:9) comments that this was a means for Leah to ensure that the majority of Ya'akov's destined twelve sons would emanate from her or from her maidservant who was under her domain: ותרא לאה כי עמדה מלדת - לא ידעתי מה המעשה הזה ללאה, ולמה נתנה שפחתה לבעלה, והיא לא היתה עקרה שתבנה ממנה, ואין דרך הנשים להרבות נשים לבעליהן. אבל נצטרך ...


I once heard from a lecture by Rabbi Uziel Milevsky zt'l that the name Yitchak derives from his enormous awe of God and that really he is the most serious of the patriarchs. He gave the analogy, of someone afraid of a mosquito who is suddenly attacked by a poisonous snake. What happens to his fear of mosquitos? He laughs at it. it's meaningless. So too, ...

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