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SA OC 301:14: דבר שהוא דרך מלבוש אפילו אם אינו לובשו אלא משום שצולי טינוף מותר לצאת בו בשבת A thing that is worn in the normal manner of wearing, even if it's only worn to protect clothing from getting dirty, is allowed to be worn outside on Shabbos (translation mine)


Rabbi Hassan describes the problem here: Now is there a problem for Sephardim? This is a complicated area of halakha but I will try and write as short and as clear as possible. Rav Yosef Caro (Shulkhan Arukh O.H. 345:7) wrote that the definition of a public domain is a street that is 16 amot wide (32 feet) or more that are not enclosed. Some say ...

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