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When I've needed to do this (which isn't often thankfully), it's usually a short distance inside the house, and for whatever reason it's also usually in the kitchen. Therefore I use what's available and carry the object with another object - I use salad tongs.


I've seen and done many shinuyim in my time. The easiest that I could think of, if you're the black hat type (or heavily involved in Winterbash ;-), is to put something under your hat. There's usually plenty of room in there. Another shinuy could be to put something in your sock, though if you'll be walking for a while, expect blisters on your ankle ...


Even in a real public domain one can carry things within 4 Amot. (ShA OC 349) So he was allowed to pick it up and put it on. Then he's wearing it and can continue walking. (Though he might not have been allowed to wear it without enough clips to begin with...)

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