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I guess one is the roads by meka Since for the hajj millions of people come to one place in one day


Rabbi Dovid Kviat, author of Succas Dovid on shas, would ask this question in his drashos. He answered that all the other mitzvos for all other holidays are simply acts which must be performed at their proper time, namely that particular holiday. As such Chazzal were able to enact a safekeep to not perform that act without interfering with the actual ...


As noted in comments, gezeira d'rabba seems to be only an issue when there is an irregular mitzva involving a specialized skill that requires a certain amount of expertise, and that involves a special, carriable object. There is no mitzvah, neither d'rabanan nor d'orayta, that fulfills this criterion on the leil seder, which instead involves retelling the ...

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