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If it is serving a decorative function, it's not a problem. (See Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 303 and 310 and Shemirath Shabbath K'Hilkhatha 18:12. Hypothetically, if there's a chance the one wearing it is likely to take it out in reshuth harabim, then there could be a reason to forbid it. See Orach Chaim 303:18. Also, if the hat has a stiff brim that is more ...


I found in the Rivevos Ephraim 4:97:20 this question. Rav Ephraim Greenblatt asked Rav Nochum Kornmehl (Tiferes Tzvi) this question and Rav Greenblatt put it in his sefer: He answered that one should sew the feather to the hat because one might take the feather out since sometimes one will go out without the feather.


Rashi explains that the question is based on the understanding that פורפת means she may wrap it on Shabbos, for if the Mishna would merely be telling us here that she may go out with what was already wrapped we've already seen that in the Reisha where it says in general Medians may go out with the button. The Gemara assumes that בלבד is a condition on what ...

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