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If there's a Torah reading, give her an aliyah, and afterwards do a Mi SheBerach prayer. The usual one blesses the person "for coming up for the honor of the Torah", but add in "and for saving lives with her blood." Or if she doesn't want an aliyah, have someone else do the aliyah, and include in their Mi Sheberach a blessing for Ms. So-and-so in honor of ...


I'm not aware of Rav Ovadiah's responsum. There are different communal standards about this. While a kohen is married to a divorcee (or non-Jewish woman for that matter), his kohen status is "voided" and will not receive any kohen-specific honors in the synagogue. The Talmud entertains -- and then rejects -- the possibility that a Levite would lose Levite ...


Honors available at a weekday morning service on a Monday or Thursday are, in order: Leading the service Opening the ark Aliyot (three available) Lifting the Torah (possibly not a good idea if she's still weak) Rolling the Torah back up Tikkun Any of these honors would work. Aliyot work well because they're most clearly "awards" and it gives you a chance ...


After the Amida on Kol Nidrei night, there are a few paragraphs of Selichot that are said. The 3rd or 4th starts with the words Omnon Ken - and the Aaron HaKodesh is opened while saying it - hence "pesicha of Omnon Ken". It's on page 175 of the Interlinear ArtScroll Yom Kippour Machzor, Ashkenaz edition.

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