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David Rosen of Emory University School of Law writes as follows on page 44. Regarding destruction of homes of living terrorists these actions seem easy to justify under Jewish Law. Ezra 10:8 mentions confiscation of property as a criminal sanction when one disobeys lawful orders. The court, under the biblical commandment, may expropriate property in order ...


There are Jewish communities which have the custom that if a tragedy happened in a home, the current owners will move out. This is based on the Rabbinic expression "one who changes his location changes his luck". However, there is no reason for somebody else not to move into such a home. In Jerusalem - and other predominantly Jewish areas - such homes are ...


I happened to have been reading the part of the Talmud (Tractate Pesachim) just yesterday where it discusses the issue of chametz (leaven) owned by a non-Jew who rents a residence (even a room) in the home of a Jew. There are three source mitzvot in the Torah that are of concern here (I'm eliding them): "…yet on the first day you shall remove leaven from ...


IIRC it's the text shmiras shabbos kehilchasa that allows you to use an ordinary plunger -- but not a professional-grade one -- to plunge a clogged toilet even on shabbos. So you'd certainly be allowed to do so on Chol HaMoed. As for using a professional-grade plunger ... I don't have a source.


I phoned a rabbi — probably one of the top ten rabbis in my city (a North American city of three million people). He's a charedi Ashkenazi rabbi. He said I can unblock it using a plunger, since it's unskillful work.


I have done this several times in the past. In viewing the Mishnah Brurah, now, I discovered several things that I was unaware of. As there are many laws regarding blowing / hearing the shofar, what I am providing may be a partial list, only: 589:3 - a woman is exempt from hearing the shofar b/c it is a time bound mitzvah. The mechaber states that they ...


The Ramban at the end of pasuk 3 writes that he sat them outside under the tree to catch a breeze. He recognized they were travelers and wouldn't want to stay so out of respect to them he offered water to wash their weary feet and sat them outside for the breeze and didn't bring them indoors to his tent.


During the first time he went into "Yaakov's tesnt" because he was the main person that he suspected. When he went back, since he had already searched Yaakov's posessions completely, he had realized that he had not been thorough enough with Rachel's possessions. Apparently he first suspected Yaakov, then Leah as the "first wife". He then realized that Rachel ...


Yalkut Yosef YD 285 Seif 89 says the head of household can appoint a shaliach to affix all the mezuzot. However, the shaliach should make the bracha of "Al Keviat Mezuzah", because whenever a Misvah is done on behalf of someone else, you change it to that form. I don't see any circumstance where the visitor won't be appointed a shaliach- is he going to ...

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