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Rav Nosson Adler was the Chasam Sofer's first Rebbe, and they both lived in the same city - Frankfurt. Seems the story is not true.


Josephus transliterates the name as Ἀσαμωναίος. The transliterated form ω corresponds to long o (see Brønno, "Some nominal types in the Septuagint" in Classica et Mediaevalia 3 and Studien über Hebräische Morphologie und Vokalismus auf Grundlage der Mercatischen Fragmente der zweiten Kolumne der Hexapla des Origines). For example, יוֹנָתָן is transliterated ...


there are some parts of the Talmud that we know of but were edited out by many of the printers. one I've heard discussed was when he was traveling around with his Rebbe and fellow talmidim they would stay at various peoples house. one time they stopped by a woman's house who was a widow but always very kind to the chachamim. On the way out the teacher said ...


To look or regard. See: A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the Hebrew Language for Readers of English p. 401, 1987 by R. Ernest Klein


Perhaps seeng or looking. See here on Radak and R. Yona Ibn G'anach here


From Menashe. See Pesikta Rabbati 3 ובמלכים ירבעם בן נבט משל אפרים ואחרי כן יהוא בן (מנשה) [נמשי] משבט מנשה

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