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...there is an amazing Midrash [Brought in Me’am Lo’ez on Shmuel Beis perek 11] which reveals that Uriyah was the arms-bearer of Goliath. After Dovid struck Goliath down with his Divinely-guided slingshot, Dovid could not draw Goliath’s sword to chop off his head. Amazingly, Uriyah, Goliath’s arms-bearer, helped Dovid finish off the job. It would ...


The gemara in Megila 14a says there were many many more neviim than the 48 men and 7 ladies we have recorded in tanach. But we only have record of the ones who's nevuos were needed for future generations.


There is a conflict in the Midrashim as to who she was buried by. According (to the footnotes in) Seder Olam (Bereishis 1) she was buried by Chanoch. This presumes that she outlived Adam. Yet, the Sefer Tziyoni (Chayei Sarah) writes that it was Adam, so she clearly died first.


It says in Bava Basra 58a that she was buried in Hebron, but it does not say an age. And I was looking in different places to, and I do not think anyone says the age of Chava when she died, but I could be easily be wrong.


The Gemara in Kiddushin says that he was Jewish - Kiddush 76b: אמר רב יהודה אמר רב כדי שתהא זכותן וזכות אבותם מסייעתן והאיכא (שמואל ב כג, לז) צלק העמוני מאי לאו דאתי מעמון לא דיתיב בעמון והאיכא (שמואל ב כג, לט) אוריה החתי מאי לאו דאתי מחת לא דיתיב בחת (Summary) As a member of Dovid's army, Uriah had impeccable lineage. He was called "Hachiti" ...


Kli Yakar - Shmuel 2 says he was called Hachiti, either because he was a convert from Chais or he lived amongst the Bnei Chais. Either way he was a Jew.


BS"D Rav Eliyahu Mansour addresses this question in his 5766 (2006) derashah on Parashat Mattot (link, starting at 45:55). He cites RaSh"Y (BeMidbar 32:42) who points out that there should have been a mappiq in the Heh of the word "לה". And that, without the mappiq, the word can be read "לא" (i.e. "לא נבח"). Because it can be read as such, RaSh"Y explains, ...


Three entries in the Otzar Ishei Tanach. Novach was born in mitzrayim and died after Moshe rabbeinu, sedder olam rabba 9. When knas was captured, Novach called it by his own name, in order to have a memorial, being that he didn't have sons, medrash agadda bamidbar 32 38. That name didn't last, Rus rabba 5 5. Also of interest rav Hirsch discusses the ...


Although I can not verify this specific story, the Rabbi's of the ger dynasty have always been known for their sharp wit. As the first Rabbi of Ger "was a preeminent disciple of the Kotzker Rebbe" who "was well known for his incisive and down-to-earth philosophies, and sharp-witted sayings. He appears to have had little patience for false piety or ...


I have heard the same rumour. I found the following by Rav Aviner. He was asked that whether the Kiddush cup of the Chafetz Chaim was like the measurement of Ha-Rav Chaim Naeh and not like that of the Chazon Ish.   His answer was This is brought by Ha-Rav Moshe Karp as testified by the Chafetz Chaim's grandson, Ha-Rav Hillel Zacks, the Rav of the ...

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