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According to the Zohar (Shelach 173b), the Messiah will descend from Hefzibah, the wife of Nathan (son of King David). Philo understands that Joash was a descendant of Nathan, son of David and the Messiah will descend from him and not from King Solomon. But Chronicles I 3:11 says that Joash was from the line directly descending from Kin Solomon. In some ...


The curse of Yechonya (or Yehoyachin) was revoked and his wife had two sons while he was in prison. This is rebuilding of the Davidic line through Zerubavel. Note that this means that since Yehoyachin was the last king who had children that survived (all of Tzidkiyahus children were killed at the destruction of the first temple) Mashiach would therefore ...


There is no record of the membership of Beis Shammai, or Beis Hillel for that matter. The Babylonian Talmud tells us a bit about Beis Hillel -- e.g. Sukkos 28a and Bava Basra 134a record the number of Hillel's disciples as 80 (see also Yeurshalmi Talmud, Nedarim 39b), and both sources mention two of them by name, Yonasan ben Uzziel and Yochanan ben Zakkai, ...


Bava Ben Buta was a student of Beis Shammai, however he accepted the ruling of Beis Hillel והיה שם זקן אחד מתלמידי שמאי הזקן ובבא בן בוטא שמו (Beitzah 20a)

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