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3 Enoch is known in Jewish tradition under the name Sefer Hekhaloth. It is part of a wider body of texts known as Hekhaloth literature. This book is now considered one of the primary texts of kabbalah though it is technically, like Sefer Yesirah, pre-kabbalah and subject to interpretations that don't necessitate a kabbalistic metaphysic. At the time it was ...


From the Sefer Mei Ber Mayim Chaim chapter 4: pg 85 it seems that it is referring to Rav Hai Gaon.


It is the Rivmats, Rabbi Yitzchak Ben Malki Tzedek, from Siponto in Italy. A little more about him in the Wikipedia entry about him. The following source helped me find him (top of page 126).


[R. Elazar Rokach (1665 - 1741)] served in a number of Polish communities, but is most famous for his rabbinate in Brody from 1714 to 1735, when he was called to serve as rabbi of Amsterdam. Upon arrival to this city, the Jewish community issued a coin in his honor. After a number of years, he decided to emigrate to the Holy Land. During Sukkot 1740 he ...


The last Mishnah in Uktzin - perek 3 mishnah 12 - starts with a quotation from R' Yehoshua Ben Levi. Tosafos Yom Tov there says that according to the Rambam he is a Tanna. However, at the end of the Masechto, Tosafos Yom Tov disagrees and gives a reason why Rabeinu Hakodosh, the copiler of the Mishnah, put in this saying of R' Yehoshua Ben Levi, even though ...

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