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Derech Hashem 1:3:8 writes אמנם על ידי חטאו – נוספו ונתרבו חסרונות בעצמו של אדם ובבריאה כלה Through [Adam's] sin, he added and increased deficiency in himself and in the entirety of creation Adam's sin did not just affect himself - it had cosmic impact on the entire nature of creation. If his action impacted the entire creation, it seems it was ...


Bava Metzia 87a: Until Abraham there was no old age; whoever wished to speak to Abraham would speak to Isaac, and the reverse. Thereupon he prayed, and old age came into existence, as it is written, And Abraham was old and well-stricken in age. So during the age when people lived 200+ years, they showed no signs of age.


Rash"i that you cited talks only about Cain. Hevel was born another time, that possibly was after the sin (see Tosafot Sanhedrin 38:2) When Chava gave the fruit to Adam she also gave it to the animals. Bereshit 3:6. ותיתן גם לאישה רש"י: גם - לרבות בהמה וחיה Translation: and gave also to her husband Rash"i: "also" - to include animals ...


I think the paytan was working the other way. He had a list of holy 'shepherds' in who's zchus we beseach water, he filled in the stanzas with something about water concerning them all. This is very apparent from some of the forced associations. The one about Avraham is all poetic and nothing literal. Mentioning Moshe being thrown in the water seems strange. ...


Perhaps one reason Miriam is absent is because her primary association with water is just TOO important. Tefilat Geshem is a prayer for rain for the fields to prevent drought and famine in the land. For those without fields it is a Tefila for prosperity. And the author of this poem is using the merits of the usual pillars of Bnei Yisroel to beseech for ...


Her name was אמתלאי בת כרנבו. ואמר רב חנן בר רבא אמר רב אמיה דאברהם אמתלאי בת כרנבו אמיה דהמן אמתלאי בת עורבתי וסימניך טמא טמא טהור טהור Bava Basra 91a (I knew it existed, but will admit to having resorted to Google to find it fast.)


The claim that Jesus is mentioned in the talmud, or alluded to through a code name is not new. This website goes through the sources and shows that the premise might be false. The Jewish Press here summarizes some of the ideas in a single essay. Here's part of it: As it turns out, every allegation about Talmudic anti-Christian texts is based on the ...

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