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I think all commentaries agree that dovid did not actually technically commit the sin of adultery. As to why this is, either Uriah was actually divorced or conditionally divorced (which took effect retroactiy when he didn't come back). Uriah was mored bamolchus (either because he called yoav a "master" in front of dovid or because he didn't listen to dovid ...


This is a complicated issue. You should read these two articles 1 2. Some Rishonim say explicitly that Jezebel did not convert, and that was part of Ahab's sin in marrying her (see, for instance, Ralbag to Kings 1:16:31), and R Shlomo Primo writes (Imrei Shefer, Vayera) that Joram was also not Jewish. While this may not have been explicitly mentioned in the ...


Rav Nosson Adler was the Chasam Sofer's first Rebbe, and they both lived in the same city - Frankfurt. Seems the story is not true.

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