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The gemara there also recounts the story of an Amora who specifically stood up in order to show that he was not following the position of Beis Shammai. The Bach in hilchos krias shema (Orech Chaim 63), cited by the mishna berura (same place), rules that one should be careful not to sit down just before shema in order to not give the impression that he is ...


I heard an answer to this when I was learning Yevamos, which went as follows: The rule of lo bashamayim applies to deciding matters of halacha. However, it does not apply to clarifying facts. Thus the Gemara in Shabbos 108a (with Rashi): בעא מיניה מר בריה דרבינא מרב נחמן בר יצחק מהו לכתוב תפילין על גבי עור של דג טהור א"ל אם יבא אליהו ויאמר מאי אם יבא ...

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