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I was taught that it is because we do not have the korbon Pesach any more that we do not mention it (out loud). That is why many haggados have the "pesach" in parentheses or as you show it without vowels. This is similar to the reason that we do not point to the seder plate when saying "Pesach" in the Rabban Gamliel said portion, while we say Matza Zu and ...


I heard an answer to this when I was learning Yevamos, which went as follows: The rule of lo bashamayim applies to deciding matters of halacha. However, it does not apply to clarifying facts. Thus the Gemara in Shabbos 108a (with Rashi): בעא מיניה מר בריה דרבינא מרב נחמן בר יצחק מהו לכתוב תפילין על גבי עור של דג טהור א"ל אם יבא אליהו ויאמר מאי אם יבא ...

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