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The most famous instance of Jews choosing to follow only the written Torah without the oral rabbinic interpretations would be the Karaites who flourished from about 760 CE to 1100 CE. Today their numbers are relatively small. Wikipedia gives a worldwide estimate of about 45,000 people, but the source of their numbers is not given. Karaite Judaism is ...


I attended a partnership minyan Friday night. This is something new in my city and the organizers are still working out details. Here is what I learned there. The group formed after a conference session about (maybe organized by) JOFA. Their intention is to follow the guidelines/precedents from that organization. The service I attended was a normal ...


Partnership minyanim give women aliyot or let them lein, based on the Gemara in megillah (stressing the "women can ..." part, but not the "...but they shouldn't" part.) They wait for ten women's presence because, well because it feels nicer that way. And they let a woman be chazan for any part that you could skip altogether if you were in a rush.

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