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if they truly dont believe at all (which i'm not so sure), then: the Chafetz Chaim's Sefer Hamitzvos mitzva #1 positive commandment to believe in the existence of Gd As written "I am the Eternal your Gd" (ex.20:2). He created all that is found and all the worlds by His power and intent. He presides on every thing. This is the foundation of Judaism. ...


The Rambam changes his language in two places where he discusses our awareness of G-d's existence. In the introduction to the 10th chapter of Sanhedrin, where the Rambam lays out his 13 Principles, the Rambam discusses "belief" in Hashem's existence. (Depending which translation you look at, the term "belief" is in the text of the Principle itself, but in ...

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