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I spoke to Wrigley's which actually makes Starburst and consumer info lady said "it's not kosher but every thing in it is kosher" I laughed inside My next obvious question was what does she know about the gelatin? Her answer was "it's beef derived " So not kosher but actully treif big time


Feb 2015 Update Not anymore. From Star-K on Facebook: ALERT Soylent 1.4 Due to product reformulation, Soylent 1.4, a dietary supplement, manufactured by Rosa Labs, Los Angeles, CA, is no longer certified by Star-K. Previous versions of the Soylent product remain certified.


According to the cRc site: "Cranberries - Fresh do not require kosher certification. Dried require a reliable kosher certification. " The Star-K says that fresh produce bought in a supermarket poses no problem. Chabad.org writes, "Fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, however, do not require certification. " Page 92 of the OU Passover guide (from ...


Rabbi Asher Lopatin - when he was still in Chicago before moving to YCT - created a Community Standard of Kashrut for his Orthodox Synagogue. It can be seen at http://images.shulcloud.com/626/uploads/community-standards-of-kashrut.pdf In it he states: The Triangle K was added to the not-acceptable category. I really tried on this one, but I cannot ...

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