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I don't recall the parsha, but this question is addressed somewhere in Sefer Bamidbar of What If?, an adaptation of Rav Zilberstein's works. In it he says that you should reveal what you know now and let Hashem do the rest.


In America anyway, hechshers are trademarks. Changing it to z"l would be a different trademark. When a thing has a hecsher it should be understood that the body that owns the tm rights and not R ovadia is doing it. When moshiach comes will all books authored by the arizal need to be recalled and relabeled?


I do not see why one can not continue using up labels made prior to the Rav's death. This can be a true Hefsed Meruba / large monetary loss. The symbol has been updated and I am sure that all new labels are printed with the updated symbol.

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