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R. Shlomo Kluger in his sefer Imrei Shefer here says that גוים refer to the nations of the world, and לאומים refer to Yisrael.


Actually, it seems that the spoken language of the time was Aramaic. Even in the Mishna, written while the Jewish people were still in Israel, often when document are quoted, it is usually in Aramaic. Consider, for example, Megillas Taanis, which was written as a calendar of sorts for the nation at large, written by early Tannaim (Shabbos 13a) and ...


My grandfather was named Yehuda-Leib, and his great-grandson (my cousin's son) shares it. Leib is translation of Arie/ Ari, meaning lion.My own name derives from it, although some of my great-uncles tried writing my name Lieba (from German Liebe = love)


Rav Moshe in Igros Moshe YD 2:138 writes that it is better to avoid writing bais hey and one should use beis samach dalet instead. Rav Betzalel Stern in Batzel Hachahma 4:105 writes that one does not have to worry that a paper with bais hey will get thrown out and one can use it. He brings that the Sfas Emes and Chiddushe Harim used it on their ...


There is a discussion amongst the ראשונים whether "והתקינו שיהא שואל שלום חבירו בשם" (Berachos 54a) is a היתר (allowance) or a חיוב (obligation). Rav Soloveitchik discusses this in הררי קדם (collected by Rav Michel Zalman Shurkin from students' notes on the Rav's lectures), part two, number 124 (page 262). Because of the possibility that this was a היתר, ...


"Bal" is used in Hebrew. You say the word "bal" at least 3 times weekly in the davening: אף תכון תבל בל תמוט from Tehillim 93:1 The word means "lest". It probably has a better usage than the term "al" or "Lo" used before negative mitzvoth, as in the Torah context, the commandment is in the "active" voice - "Don't do ...". When speaking about the ...


Hashem doesn't refer only to God, it's used in Hebrew in the literal sense, meaning the name. "האם רשמת את השם שלך?" - Haim rashamt et hashem shelach? - did you wrote your name? The comments makes me understand I was too brief, so I'll add a clarification: In addition to God, it is forbidden to call parents by their name. Likewise, because of Kvod Malchut, ...

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