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"Shamash" is related to the word "shimush" meaning "use" or "serving". The shamash candle is "serving" the other Chanukah candles by lighting them. Similar to a waiter who "serves" the food. While not in use in common Hebrew, I have heard of a maid being called a "shamash". Likewise, the shul's "caretaker" is called the "shamash" because he serves or ...


Good Moed: As referenced above - Rashi - in the concluding Rashi of The Torah quotes maseches "Shabbos" (87a) where HaShem says to Moshe - "יישר כוחך ששברת". Grammatically, the phrase would be pronounced as "Yishar Kochacha" - may your strength be made straight. In the Hoshanos in the Artscroll Siddur, the word is written as "Yishar" - see page 738. Also, ...


The text is also available via Torat Emet - you can find an HTML version of the text here. In response to activities and comments that took place off this website, I'd like to add that if you look at the top of the page linked above, you'll notice that Torat Emet has claimed a copyright on the text with "כל הזכויות שמורות" (all rights reserved).


שערי תשובה by Rabbeinu Yonah is available on hebrewbooks.org You can download the sefer there as a PDF for offline viewing as well

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