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If you really need to, you can say Maariv and Havdalah (omitting the blessing on the candle) from Plag HaMincha (1.25 hours before sunset) (ShA OC 293:3) just as much as you can say Maariv and Kiddush after that time on Friday. The blessing on the candle can be recited separately after nightfall. All labor remains forbidden until after nightfall (even after ...


The Yalkut Yosef (Shabbat 296:13) holds that women are equally obligated for the mitzvah of havdalah as men are, and can therefore say all of the blessings and drink from the wine to fulfill the mitzvah for themselves. In the footnote for this halacha, R. Yosef adds that this is like the law for kiddush (as hazoriz stressed). Although the Yalkut Yosef does ...

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