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Zohar Shelach 3:157b, while explaining Koheles seems to state a similar hashkafa as the Chassidim


"The Ari says that while many rishonim were wrong on kabbalistic ideas the Ramban wa= s always right. R. Zadok says this proves that the Ran erred. He firther states that once the Zohar was revealed one is prohibited from accepting the Rambam and others who held that hasgacha does not apply to every individual and especially not to every animal. Rather one ...


Rabbeinu Bachya (in Chovot ha-Levavot), from the 11th century: “We ought to trust in God with the trust of one, fully convinced that all things and movements, together with their advantageous and injurious results happen by the decree of the Eternal, under His authority and according to His sentence.” taken from the comments on: ...


Contrary to your assertion, the Ramban (Nachmanides) does hold that Hashgacha is over everything. Here is a short excerpt from the last Ramban in Shemos Parshas Bo: For a person has no share in the Torah of Moshe unless he believes that all our affairs and experiences are signs from Hashem, that there is no independent force of nature regarding either ...

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