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Ramban's opinion about nature, no Random. The word nature evoluted with time. When Ramban talk about nature, he mean the philosiphical meaning, following the philosophic concept which was widespread at his time. The different use of the word today may lead an unadverted lector to misconception. Nature here is an independent world mechanism. See bellow the ...


This edition of Miqra'ot Gedolot lists the following commentaries: RaSh"I says "per [each creature's] (lit. his) livelihood" Ibn 'Ezra says "what will suffice for [each creature] (lit. him)" Meẓudat David says "according to [each creature's] (lit. his) will and desires"


Yes, the major commentator Radak says this includes animals. Not well-being, though, as you ask, but just food.

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