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It is stated here in the name of Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, that pointing with the pinkie finger, is a symbolism for approaching Torah with humility and a sense of smallness, just like the pinkie which is the smallest of the fingers.


This source gives the general guidelines of what is considered chatzitza for mikvah: According to Torah law, a barrier (chatzitzah) invalidates a woman's immersion in the mikveh when it meets two conditions: (1) it covers the majority of her body; (2) she minds its presence – that is, it is a substance that she considers foreign and plans ...


I assume they are also claiming to grind it lishma (with the intention that it will be used for the mitzvah) and that it's not as simple to rely on lishma by machine-made as by hand (as with regard to the remaining matzoh-making processes and printing sifrei torah). ...matzah shemurah must be prepared with the intention of fulfilling the mitzvah of ...

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