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Maybe if we translate ממש as "tangible" rather than as "literal" it works out. This way, Rashi is saying that the Egyptians felt G-d's punishment physically, and the plagues weren't metaphorical. I.e., G-d's hand is tangible, despite not being a physical hand.


I think it's the bayis, rather than the retzuah. Here are some reasons why: Rashi writes (Devarim 6:8): וקשרתם לאות על ידך: אלו תפילין שבזרוע And you shall tie them for a sign on your hand: these are the tefillin of the forearm It sounds like the part of the תפילין של יד that is the sign is the part that goes on the forearm; however, I'm not ...


"Yad" can also mean "arm." The "sign on your arm" that you're binding is the tefilin box on your bicep. You get the mitzva no matter which way you wrap the straps around your hand.

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