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According to this article on Chabad.org, I don’t think there is a Jewish version of crossing fingers. You could try twisting them into a Star of David, but that is more likely to bring arthritis than good luck. Besides, we don’t believe that good fortune comes from signs and gestures. We pray to G‑d, do good deeds and have faith in the future. ...


Malbim Beur Hamilot explains: הקרב הוא מה שמתאבקים מקרוב וזאת עושים בכח היד, והמלחמה הוא מרחוק וזאת צריך אימון האצבעות לשלוח חציו למטרה קרב (battle) refers to swordfighting here. This is done with the hands. מלחמה (war) is shooting arrows, which requires skilled fingers.

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