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The basic answer is that not only may you, but you must return to where you ate if you can. Practical Halacha says After eating or drinking the required amounts, you may say bracha achrona (including birkat ha'mazon) as long as: You are still satiated after having been hungry and eaten, OR You were not satiated after eating and it is less ...


Not only may he bentch, according to many Rishonim he has to bentch before he can continue eating (as opposed to the opinion of the other Rishonim, that he may continue eating when he returns without bentching first, and bentch when he is done). Rambam Hilchos Berachos 4:3: היה אוכל בבית זה ופסק סעודתו והלך לבית אחר. או שהיה אוכל וקראהו חבירו לדבר עמו ...

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