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The midrashim I found don't mention her name, but it seems that her name is mentioned in some old Aramaic translations of Esther. I couldn't find one of these versions, but her name is mentioned as either "שבחטנות" (under "מדרשים") or "שכחטנת" (page 3, comment 20) or "שלחטוות" (page 4, comment 147).


Short answer: "Jewish sources" do not come right out and specifically state which exact religion Ahasuerus and Haman followed. However, we can read the Jewish sources, and secular historical sources, (archeology, ancient texts, modern scholarship) to try to find the best answer implied by the Jewish sources. Dr. Chaim S. Heifetz, a modern day Orthodox ...


Haman may have restrained himself because of Mordechai’s status as an adviser of the king. Yalkut Shimoni 1053 says that the position of Mordechai at the king's gate was personally requested by Esther to Achashverosh. If he killed Mordechai at that time, the anger of the King and the Queen would turn against him. The Ginzei Hamelech (quoted here) makes a ...

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