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I once wondered about this and found an answer at Ohr Somayach. They say that Hallel is said with joy and that our focus on judgement precludes this. They cite Rosh Hashanah 32b: אמרו מלאכי השרת לפני הקב"ה רבש"ע מפני מה אין ישראל אומרים שירה לפניך בר"ה וביום הכפורים אמר להם אפשר מלך יושב על כסא דין וספרי חיים וספרי מתים פתוחין לפניו וישראל אומרים שירה: ...


Chabad.org - Rabbi Baruch S. Davidson - quoting the Abarbanel in his Sefer Zevach Pesach says that the first part of Hallel talks about miracles that already occured. The Second part talks about miracles that will occur when Mashiach comes. In his commentary Zevach Pesach on the haggadah, the great Spanish scholar Don Isaac Abarbanel (1437–1508) ...


I will try to answer the first question on whether Hallel was recited on Yom Nicanor, using classical and rabbinic evidence. There are no sources that record the recitation of Hallel in the celebration of Yom Nicanor. The strongest evidence to indicate that it was said occurs in the Second Book of Maccabees (ch.15), one of the texts historically closest to ...


there seems to be a fundamental machlokes in how to understand what the gemara means when it says " reading the megilla is like saying hallel". the meiri understands it fulfills it, so if one is in a place with no megilla, they then should say hallel. however the Rambam ( megilla- chanuka perek 3 ) says " hallel wasnt instituted on purim because of megilla " ...


Pseudo-Rama rules that way in OC 477:1: ויקדים עצמו שגם ההלל יקרא קודם חצות And he should [eat the Afikoman] early enough so that he reads Hallel as well before midnight.


Sefer Abudirham in its comments on the Haggada, explains that: כדי להדר בו את כוס שני שכוס ראשון מהדרי בקידוש וכוס שני מהדרי במקצת ההלל שההגדה אינה אלא ספור דברים בעלמא וכוס שלישי מהדרו בברכת המזון וכוס רביעי מהדרו בהשלמת הלל [Hallel is split] in order to glorify the second cup, for the first cup is glorified with Kiddush, the second cup is glorified ...


Not only is that verse associated with Hallel: it is recited in and as a part of Hallel. Hallel is recited on various red-letter days, not including the ימים הנוראים (but can, as Psalms and not a special Hallel prayer, be recited any day). (Unless you count Hoshana Raba as one of the ימים הנוראים, in which case, yes, Hallel is recited then.)

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