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Shulchan Aruch (OC 151:1) lists three examples of kalus rosh, though doesn't define it explicitly: בתי כנסיות ובתי מדרשות אין נוהגין בהם קלות ראש כגון שחוק והתול ושיחה בטילה We don't practice kalus rosh, like mirth, jest, and wasteful conversation, in synagogues and study halls. Mishna B'rura ad loc. clarifies "wasteful conversation": That is: ...


The Perisha (YD 182:5) gives two suggestions for how a place could change the associated gender of a particular clothing or action: either we follow the custom of the local non-Jews or a whole community of Jews could decide to change together. Modesty norms, which are all about not attracting attention and hence based on the current facts on the ground, ...

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