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I am extracting several answers from this article that may be relevant: May one use a ponytail holder to make a ponytail in her hair on Shabbat? Making a ponytail and using a ponytail holder is permitted on Shabbat, as this is unlikely to cause the removal of hair (Yalkut Yosef, 303:15). So, in general, you can make a ponytail. However, ...


Har Tz'vi (Yore Dea 144) says it's forbidden (by Divine, not rabbinic, decree) as a part of the prohibition on removing hair on Shabas. (He notes that use of a chemical is one of the standard ways of removing hair, so this doesn't count as a case of kil'achar yad that would remove it from the Divine prohibition.) Sh'miras Shabas K'hilchasah 14:41 cites this ...

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