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Taken from an article by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz: The Rambam (Avoda Zara 12:6) rules that one is only prohibited from removing peyos with a razor. Cutting peyos off with a scissor that provides a cut as short as a razor is completely acceptable. (The Darchei Teshuva (181:2) writes, based on the Sefer Hachinuch, that one is merely exempt from punishment, but ...


Shaving only the mustache but keeping the beard may make a person appear to be Amish, which might be chukat akum (Vayikra 18:3, Rambam (Sefer HaMitzvot Lav no. 30), Sefer HaChinuch (n. 262)). All the moreso because the Amish do so for religious reasons.


According to the Ben Ish Hai Rav Pealim section 4 Sod Yesharim question 5 one is allowed to trim pubic hair (and really any hair) as long as it is done in a way where the root of the hair remains. This is even permissible according to Kabbalah.

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