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Yoram Bilu wrote the following: Two disparate hair-related practices appear to have converged in the haircutting ritual: the growing of ear-locks payoth - s.d.] and the shearing of the head hair. ... Ritual haircut, probably modeled on the Muslim custom of shaving male children's hair in saints' sanctuaries, was practiced by native Palestinian Jews ...


Regarding the first part of the question, Qitzur Shulhhan Arukh, Yalqut Yosef (Orahh Hayim 301:54) states (my translation): מותר לצאת בשבת לרשות הרבים עם סיכת ראש שנועדה להתפיס את הכיפה לראש, ואין לחוש בזה לאיסור הוצאה בשבת. It is permitted to travel between domains on Shabbat with a hair clip which is designed to secure the kippah on one's head and ...

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