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Assuming these aren't falls (i.e. half wigs), they would match up with the way the שלטי גיבורים, a commentary on the Ran, explains hair-covering in Shabbat 64b as I wrote here. And again in his conclusion:


You mean that the head is covered, but the hair hanging down beneath it is visible. There is some room for discussion about this. The biblical source for hair-covering is the Sotah, and it says "the Kohen shall uncover the woman's head" (not "her hair.") Rabbi Yehuda Herzl Henkin thus writes in Tradition 37:3: Nevertheless, R. Feinstein could permit ...


The issue would seem to be covering one's head during prayer or blessings (in this case the blessing on the candles). Rabbi Adir Hakohen of Yeshivat Kisse Rahamim quotes Rav Ovadiah z"l (Yabia Omer vol. 6 ch. 15) here as holding that the custom today is for unmarried girls to not cover their heads during blessings, and they have halachic backing for this, ...

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