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No, they are not. The whole reason to cover your hair, is not to look less attractive (nor Tznius), rather because after the wedding they are Holy. With what they are covered, is thus irrelevant. In fact, had it been for Tznius, it would apply to single girls as well..


User sam (in comments) closed the question for me Heter for not Covering Hair See especially the Ben Ish Hai and women's head covering http://text.rcarabbis.org/the-ben-ish-hai-and-women%E2%80%99s-hair-covering-an-interesting-case-of-censorship-by-jacob-sasson/


A lot of people would agree with you and say that a wig is less modest since it makes a lot of women look prettier. But to understand the other side, one of the ideas behind wearing a wig is that it does cover the woman's real hair which has some spirituality to it that a wig does not have, since the wig is not the women's actual hair. A wig actually does a ...


It seems to me that much of the idea of tznius is from the perspective of the women, and it is a mistake to think of tznius as protecting men from improper thoughts. Therefore, the primary reason for covering hair is that a women should not display her own hair in public, keeping her beauty for her husband. A wig will answer for this, even if it is prettier ...


It seems from the Tiztz Eliezer that one would not be required(However,see the Shevus Yaakov). שו"ת ציץ אליעזר חלק טו סימן נה ד"ה הנה הא הנה הא גם בספרי שם הא כתוב דמההיא דשמואל אין ראיה לדבר כי אם זכר לדבר בלבד, ויעוין בספרי דבי רב שם שמבאר שלהכי הוא רק זכר לדבר בלבד, כי י"ל דמה ששמה ידה על ראשה לא היה זה אלא דרך צער ויגון ממה שאירע לה עם אחיה, ע"ש, ויתר ...


not likely. would be similar to asking would a women need to cover her hair when showering. when one is in the midst of something which requires to be disrobed then at that moment we aren't concerned with her not being covered. if someone was normally covered in blood they wouldn't pray nor say G-d's name yet when the cohanim were in the middle of offering ...

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