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You cannot undo Yayin Nesech. Once it's forbidden it remains so. That would mean that you have to add the honey before the non-Jew touches the wine, in order to prevent it from becoming Yayin Nesech. See for example, the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch in סימן מז - הלכות סתם יינם that (strong) vinegar cannot become Yayin Nesech, however, making vinegar from Yayin ...


I just read "The Golem of Prague" by Gershon Winkler, which is based on "Niflaot Maharal: HaGolem MiPrague" published based on the manuscript of the Maharal's student and son in law, Rav Itzhak ben Shimshon HaCohen Katz. There's a story in there about Jews selling wine to Christian priests ... it leads to them hatching a plot to convert the Jewish girl ...


While the rabbinic understanding is sourced in Talmud Bavli Berachot 35b, it is based on the specific biblical (albeit, Ketuvim) application of 'to gladden/be happy' found in Psalms 104:15.

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