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The complete line in that meditation before putting on the tallit says, "May it be considered before You that I accomplished this mitzvah with all of its details (p'rateha) and exact instructions (dikdukeiha) and its proper intentions (kav'nateiha) and the 613 mitzvot that depend on it." Two of the words in that list are masculine (p'ratim and dikdukim), ...


A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew - Jaakov Wiengreen http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1682214.A_Practical_Grammar_for_Classical_Hebrew I find it useful, but it will mostly help you with Tanach, Talmud takes longer time since include aramaic and mishnaic hebrew as well.


My preferance is ספר דקדוקי שי by הר' שמואל מנדלבוים. It's in Hebrew and introduces you step-by-step to Loshon Hakodesh's grammar. Full disclosure: The author is my brother's brother-in-law.

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