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Rabbi Ahron Lopianksy asked my father not to refer to him in the third person while conversing.


Copied from Speaking to a Rabbi in Third Person: The Bach (Y.D. 242:6) seems to believe that while such a practice (referring to one's teacher in third person) is appropriate, it is not an absolute requirement, and therefore if one is having an extended conversation with one's teacher, the second person may be used after the first time the teacher is ...


From what I saw during while being in Yeshiva for 10 yrs. the Rabbiem are happier when they are constantly called Rebbi. I don't think they are looking for honor. They want you to honor the Torah. The following is from the Yeshiva Website: It seems from the Rambam that the source of speaking to someone in third person out of respect is not a ...


Good Moed: As referenced above - Rashi - in the concluding Rashi of The Torah quotes maseches "Shabbos" (87a) where HaShem says to Moshe - "יישר כוחך ששברת". Grammatically, the phrase would be pronounced as "Yishar Kochacha" - may your strength be made straight. In the Hoshanos in the Artscroll Siddur, the word is written as "Yishar" - see page 738. Also, ...

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