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The 'hei' is the equivalent of saying 'asher' or 'that'


Mishna Berura writes (46:2) that the correct pronunciation is with a צירי, making it "yisgadeil v'yiskadeish." The reason he gives for that is that even though kaddish is in Aramaic (which would imply yisgadal, apparently), these two words are meant to be in Hebrew. This phrase is based on a verse (Yechezkel 38:23), which uses the phrase "והתגדלתי והתקדשתי" ...


He asked: "is there a place for a spend-the-night." Lin is a noun. It means "one night's lodgings." She replied: "there is a place to lodge." Lun is a verb, "to lodge."


The Aruch HaShulchan O.C. 207:2 defends and prefers the Mishna Brurah's nusach. The argument for the Mem is that in several places in the Torah we find Nefesh followed by a masculine verb, because when referring to the whole person, of which the Nefesh is a part, then the masculine should be used. Only when refering to the Nefesh distinctly as the part of a ...

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