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So, I asked a Rov and got a few answers: By the golden calf, the party lines were split cleanly. When Moshe Rabeinu called out מי לה׳ אלי, all the Leviim came forward and nobody else did. (Whatever amount of participation there was, that announcement and response shows something) Over here, there were many people from Shevet Reuven involved, so it wasn't a ...


The Bnei Levi were separate all along, according to Chazal. They studied Torah and were not involved in the work. Therefore, it stands to reason that they weren't influenced by Egyptian ideas and didn't make the same mistake as everyone else.


It would have been easy to answer according to Rashi in Ki Sisa 32 2 who says the reason Aharon told the men to take the jewelry from their wives and children was because he knew the women and children would not easily part with their beloved jewelry, and he was looking to stall the men. From this we could have said the action, or inaction of the women was ...


You say that the killing of anyone associated with the Golden Calf was extra-judicial and we do not see Hashem approve of this action. You quote Shmos 32 (26) . But in verse 27, He (Moshe) said to them: "So said the Lord, the God of Israel: 'Let every man place his sword upon his thigh and pass back and forth from one gate to the other in the camp,...

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