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This article brings sources from Torah, Mechilta, Sifri, Bavli, Yerushalmi, a selection of midrashim, Targum Yonason, Mishne Torah, Rabbeinu Yonah, Droshos HoRan, Menoras Hameor, Maharal, Kli Yokor, Malbim, Sefas Emes, Chochmoh Umussar and Reb Yerucham.


I have also seen that Yaakov was hinting that the bracha (which was mainly agricultural) had not helped him. The bracha from Hashem was in his flocks which had not been mentioned by Yitzchak. Yaakov was also hinting that everything he had was from the hard work and knowledge of husbandry which he had as well as a bracha from Hashem granted to him while he ...


Ramban (verse 14) says it's because that's what he had at hand.


In addition to DanF's answer, it seems there's a message in the gift. What do you get when you add twenty rams and 200 ewes? Well if you're really hungry, 220 mutton chops! If you're patient, though, you have a breeding stock that can produce thousands. If there's anyone who could play the victim card -- you ruined my life! -- it's Esav. Yaakov's message, ...


There are two things that would contradict your assumptions in your question. 1 - Rashi on Breishit 32:14 cites a Midrash saying that Ya'akov included precious stones and diamonds. 2 - Breishit 36:6-7 states that Esav had a lot of herds / cattle and because he had so much the land was not big enough to hold both his and Ya'akov's cattle, which is one of ...

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