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The elegant solution is to have the beggar order whatever breakfast he wants, offering to pay for it. Once he's taken possession of the non-Kosher/Chametz food - you now pay his bill for him. There is no problem having him thank you or being aware of your involvement. The point is: You don't buy the food; you pay for it after the non-Jew has bought it. So ...


no, same reason that if you discovered chometz on pesach you did not sell (must be destroyed). One is not permitted to benefit from chometz and one cannot help but benefit when giving a gift or charity.


I understand it like this When selling you are not allowed to not inform the goy that it is not kosher if you are selling it in a Jewish store (it is bhezkas kosher)(it is as selling a detective item and not informing of the defect) But if you are giving it for free (gift) from a Jewish store (it is bhezkas kosher) you are not obligated to tell him that ...


It's based on the Gemara on Chullin 94a.

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