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According to HaRav Aviner it falls under "Love your fellow as yourself" Ticket Checker Q: I work as a ticket checker on the bus to insure that all the passengers paid. Is it permissible for me to wake someone up or is it forbidden on account of "Gezel Sheina" – stealing someone's sleep? A: You are obligated to wake him up. "Gezel Sheina" is ...


Rashi Avodah Zarah 24a writes that depriving someone of sleep is called being metza'er him.


The Mishneh Halochos has a Teshuva in Shu"t Mishneh Halachot Vol. 12 Sec. 443. He first goes into an explanation from Brachot how its a bad thing to do, then brings a source from Sanhedrin that on the contrary it's possibly a Mitzva to wake someone. In conclusion it applies to someone who is sickly or hasn't slept for three days. Based on this it would be ...


Short answer: no, it's not a formal prohibition, but it's still wrong to prevent someone from sleeping. From http://www.dinonline.org/2013/11/05/gezel-sheina-stealing-sleep/ The sefer “Ve-Ahavta Le-Re’acha Kamocha” notes that Rav Chaim of Brisk used the expression “gezel sheina,” implying that waking somebody up needlessly is a form of theft. ...

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