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Valid emails The point of their discount is to collect valid email addresses. So as long as one uses a valid email address, i.e. one that is read, it should be OK. They are more than happy to have you read their promotional emails more than once. Unread email addresses Once you use email addresses that you never read (like disposable ones) then you have ...


if somoene breaks into your house they are a threat to your safety and you may kill them. unless... they cower and show physically by submitting such as lying on the ground with their hands on their head or if they run away. If the thief submits or suns away they are no longer a threat and killing them would not be self defense anymore.


when someone breaks into someone else's house they are violating that person's fundamental rights to life (b/c doing so is a threat), privacy, and property. When someone acts in such a callus manner they loose their own rights and any injury incurred while stealing is on the thief and the thief alone

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