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In Ninvei they did Teshuva and it helped. Chazal say that they undid buildings in order to return a stolen beam. Seemingly, that was enough, or even extreme. I do recall a Pirkei d'Rebbe Eliezer though, that says that 40 years later Ninvei returned to their bad ways and was destroyed. This was because they can't really do Teshuvah.


Just to redact the fantastic comments of DoubleAA and of Danny Schoemann into a consolidated answer format: There are the general steps of repentance, namely: 1) Regret that he did it. 2) Stop doing it. 3) Ask forgiveness from anyone harmed (if applicable). 4) Confess to God (Vidui). 5) Accept never to do it again. (All that done seriously, not just ...


Rabbi J. David Bleich addresses it in "The Case of the Poisoned Sandwich", Tradition 41:3. There are one or two Israeli poskim who are gung-ho about taking the law into your own hands, but practically I advise against it in the strongest of terms. The Vilna Gaon's reading of the Yerushalmi, Dmai 3:5 is that you make take no action that will cause harm to ...

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