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No, though to answer your updated question via the comments, of course. Creating a debt with the intent of not paying it back is theft. It doesn't matter whether you're caught or not. Sure, it's a clever way of doing it, but it's still stealing.


He should pay the price of a pair of shoes as by stealing one he has rendered the other uselss. Ex 22 says if a person steals they should restore double so 2 pairs of shoes. Ex 22.14 The onus is on the thief to make good Lev 19.11 says don't steal and don't deal falsely. By only offering to pay for one shoe you are dealing falsely as you know the man can't ...


If someone had no intention to give an item away, then it still belongs to them, even if I take it under mistaken (and even best-intentioned) premises. As long as the item is still intact and in my possession, then I am obligated to return it via the principle of expungement -- it's his item, I need to give it back. Now if I intentionally steal a car, and ...

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